This is the most versatile cart you will find, it has all the options. You can buy it with 32" carriage wheels made of hickory – which is the longest lasting wheel you can find – or you can buy it with pneumatic tires that has a hub that will fit right on the carriage wheel axle. It has adjustable shafts to help fit a wider size of horses and adjustable seat and axle position to help smooth out the ride depending on the passenger weight. It has an upright foot position for a more comfortable ride. You can also add fenders to help keep the mud from splashing. Don’t miss out on this chameleon of a cart!


STARTS AT $1,595

The most versatile cart on the market. Three point hitch, adjustable shafts, adjustable seat, tag-a-long hitch and much more! Come and see these great carts in person!





Custom built for a pony. It’s a unique piece and is fully covered! 51" shafts.



Cob sulky ready to hook up and go.  Great for breaking purposes.



Used wooden driving cart with short, wide shafts. 62" shafts



This perfectly balanced cart is a must for exercising and training your horses and is designed for doing so off road and in trails. Its suspension seat and pneumatic tires give it a smooth feel and make it a charm to drive.  62" shafts. 



Light weight easy entry pony cart complete with fenders and spring seat. 64" shafts and 23" wheels.



This is a nice wooden sulky in pristine condition with the original. It weighs less than 25lbs. It’s truly a one of a kind piece! 67" shafts and 20" wheels.



One of a kind, used pony cart ready to hook up and go!  Complete with fully enclosed floor, large suspension springs and cushioned seat. 67" shaft and 36" wheels.



Quick connect sulky in great shape. Ready to hook up and go – priced to move. .



Quick connect sulky. 73" shafts and 26" wheels.



Quick connect horse sulky ready to hook up and go! 73" shafts. 



Used wooden cart with double spring seats and fenders. Plenty of room underneath the seat for putting cooler or other items. 75" shafts and 41" wheels.



Brodeur Super Lite Sulky with it's aluminum frame and quick hitch fittings.



Custom draft cart with lots of detail including travel trunk, extra large seat, brakes, and heavy duty springs. Used but in good condition. This is a one of a kind piece. 80" shafts and 30" wheels.



This cart has it all! This is a Deluxe Pioneer Cart with fenders, adjustable shafts, and adjustable axle and seat. It also has a rear and front step and heavy duty  tires. 82″ shafts and 42" wheels.



Beautiful draft show cart with dual steps and fenders. 82" shafts and 52" wheels.



Beautiful, antique road cart.  83″ shafts and 59" wheels. (top not included)



REALLY nicely built exercise cart WITH BRAKES. It is hard to find a light-weight exercise cart with hydraulic brakes, but here it is! 85" shafts.



Used Forecart with spring seats and sliding mounts. 86" shafts.



This is a nice Amish built cart with hydraulic brakes, spring suspension, and lighting kit. Perfect for standard to large size horse! 86" shafts.



Metal Racing Sulky. 90" shafts and 25" wheels..



Used sulky but is in good shape. Great for training. 90" shafts.



This elegant and perfectly balanced cart is designed for showing. Its chrome singletree tips, patent leather dash and shaft tips give it a polished look. 90" shafts  + 54" wheels.



Super heavy duty breaking cart with plush automotive seat for the smoothest ride. Has hydraulic brakes and adjustable shafts. 91" shafts.



Beautiful draft show cart with red paint and black vinyl seats. Don’t miss out on this great piece! 94″ shafts and 50" wheels.



This heavy duty cart is perfect for breaking horses or working them around the farm. It also is nice enough to take to town or ride down the road in style. It is made of metal with wooden spoke wheels and has a black cushioned seat.  95" shafts and 38" wheels.



This utilitarian cart is made to work hard for years on automotive tires. Perfect for training and exercising your horses as a team, and also available with shafts for single horse use. It has attachments on the back to haul material and carry tools.



This forecart is one step above the rest! It comes complete with heavy duty 42 x 2" wooden carriage wheels, a team pole, tulip benched seat, fenders AND a folding top. Would work perfect for a team of drafts. One of a kind piece!

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