Horse Drawn Vehicles


“Vis-a-Vis” is french for “face-to-face”, meaning the passengers in a vis-a-vis type vehicle sit facing each other. A vis-a-vis is traditionally used for more formal events, like weddings, anniversaries or other special occasions. Equipped most often with a folding top, large wooden carriage wheels, traveling trunks, and a raised driver’s seat, the vis-a-vis is a favorite for the commercial carriage companies.


The cart category is for any horse drawn piece that has two wheels. This variety includes easy entry carts, meadowbrooks, exercise carts, forecarts, and much more. This category is arranged by shaft length, going from smallest to largest. But please keep in mind, we can modify most any cart to custom fit your horse or pony!



Famed in the song, “Surrey With the Fringe On Top”,  the surrey is often considered the hobbyist’s Sunday vehicle. A surrey most often has anywhere from two to six seats, all facing forward. This seating arrangement makes them popular pieces for commercial carriage companies for use in tours. The smaller surreys are perfect for a Sunday drive to church, or to show off to your friends.


The wagon category can fit a wide variety of vehicles. Mainly these consist of a wagonette-style seating, where there are two seats facing each other, running perpendicular to the driver’s seat. Seating as few as four, and as many as twenty-four, a wagon is considered the people haulers of the horse drawn vehicles category. They are also the most suitable four wheel pieces for multiple terrains, often made with rugged pneumatic wheels. The smaller wagons are great for trail riding with friends.


Buggies, marathons, rockaways, jump seats, phaetons, and much more –  the “other” category is for those horse drawn vehicles that don’t quit fit into our four main categories.